Best Bobbin Winder in 2023 for Professional or Commercial Uses

If you want to become a stitcher and if you are crazy about embroidery, then bobbin winders can play a very unique role to make you an expert in this. A bobbin winder is a typical type of machine that is used for winding the thread, cotton, wool, or fiber. The bobbin winder is one of the best tools that make your work almost effortless. This is a device that circulates the thread according to the need of a designer. A bobbin winder makes the life of a tailor so comfortable, relaxing, and effortless.

However, this device makes the life of needle workers easier, and so quick. Also, bobbin winders are the most frequently used devices nowadays. It is the most important and compulsory component in the sewing process. The bobbin winder is the best tool to advance and quicken your sewing task. The important feature in this modern bobbin winder is that it can be separable and easily replaceable. So you can replace the old tool to a new one to enjoy more efficiency and durability.

It is a very challenging task for any beginner to purchase a perfect bobbin winder according to their requirement. So for your convenience, I have handpicked the top 10 ever best bobbin winders that are easily available in the market. There are plenty of related devices that have different designs and functions, but you don’t know how to choose best then stay with me, I will discuss all the best machines here.

Before further ado, let’s take a look at the items.


9 best bobbin winder review

1. Axis bobbin winder (automatic winder)

Product information

  • Brand: Axis
  • Item Weight: 1.72 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 3.54 x 4.5 inches


The product axis bobbin winder is ideal for a domestic sewing machine. It is very portable and also suitable for industrial applications. This product is perfect for the build-in sewing machine and used for both metal and plastic items. Let’s take a look at features that make it top in the list.


The first feature of this wonderful machine is efficiency. If you want to judge the capacity of any machine or device then check its efficiency. If the efficiency of the device is great then no doubt the capacity will also perfect.

The efficiency of the axis bobbin winder is best and could be your best buy. Its size is quite perfect for your house use as well as factory use. For your stitching and embroidery task, the axis bobbin winder is your best workmate to replenish the threat.

This bobbin winder comes in various sizes. The compatibility of your bobbin winder is perfect if it has a maximum diameter of 9.8’’, the diameter of its hole should be 1/4’’, and the width of 0.46’’. If your machine is automatic and has a start and stop button then it’s not very cool. You need to require some thread cutter or scissors but this fantastic device contains all these functions in a single unit.


Another important feature that tells the quality of the device is power. If I talk about the power of this machine then it has great power. Most of the users concerned about the portable battery and power cords. If you want to travel with some bobbin winder then it contains some battery built-in it. Axis bobbin winder comes with a 110V power cords. You need a socket to plug in and to start it. So stop worrying about the power of the embroidery machine.


The most important question, how to use the device? This bobbin winder machine is very easy to use because it is an automatic device and easy to handle. It is available with all the useful parts except bobbins and threads. You can buy them separately.

Bobbin winder, thread pin, metal plate, and thread rods are available in a single package that you get. You can use this bobbin winder machine even without any reference book. There is a light that indicates you about the working of the machine.


  •  Excellent portability.
  •  High quality.
  •  Great efficiency.
  •  Start and stop button.
  •  Ability to auto shut off.
  •  Automatic.
  • Automatic bobbin winder sewing machine for professional or commercial users.


  •  Not perfect for travelers because it contains a continuous power socket.
  •  Power supply with 110V.

2. Automatic bobbin winder BTU electrical bobbin winder

Product information

  • Brand: BTU
  • Item Weight: 1.98 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 11.57 x 4.53 x 3.43 inches

This winder is a very good item. And it has easy use. This is very convenient for sewing work. It has good durability. This winder is used for domestic and industrial sewing purposes. This bobbin machine is very excellent for durability and practical usage. This winder saves a lot of manpower and convenient for sewing purposes.

This run AC power 110 V. This has a start/stop button and light indicators. Which makes this winder very easy to operate. It runs automatically. It gets turns off when the bobbin is full. It has high speed. This bobbin winder machine saves a lot of time for the user. So, it is very convenient for the user. This winder is very easy to install and maintain. In this winder machine there fit all types of bobbins. Including Type M, Type L, Type 15. Not only that bobbin with a 1/4 inch (0.64 cm) center hole also fit nicely.


  • This winder has nice durability.
  • This has good practical usage.
  • This winder easy to assemble.
  • This winder is very sturdy.
  • Commercial bobbin winder.


  • Winder direction is not good.
  • Winder is very tight.
  • The bottom part is rubberized which is a little problematic for some users.

3. Anbt automatic portable bobbin winder

Product information

  • Brand: AnBt
  • Item Weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Material: Plastic
  • Voltage: 90-260V

This is a great winder for sewing lovers. This is very easy and convenient to use. This winder has excellent quality. This is a 100% brand new product. And this has a high quality. It has a thread spool pin, along with thread guide rods. It also has a metal plate which can easily be installed for sewing purposes. This winder operation is very easy to use. This winder is very simple to install and it has a good maintenance option. It has great durability. This is also used for practical usage. This is very efficient. It has super high speed. It saves a lot of time when the user wants to finish the project within a short interval. It runs with about 90-260V. The wide voltage also can use worldwide.


  • This is so good for its excellent quality.
  • This comes with a complete package.
  • It has an easy installation process.


  • It takes little space.
  • A metal rod is slippery for some yarns.

4. Nagina international umbrella winder:

Product information

  • Brand: Dailymall
  • Item Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Package Dimensions:  33 x 16 x 29cm / 12.99 x 6.30 x 11.42inc

This winder is a very great one for its outstanding looking. This is a very good item. This has a golden nice look. This standing height is about 41 cm. And collapsed Length is 16cm. This has an extended length of 91cm with a base diameter of about 11cm. This winder weight is around – 899 Grams. This has a very affordable price. This product is very attractive for its outlook.


  • This is also can be used as a showpiece.
  • This winder is a very uncommon item.
  • This does not require any clip as a handle.
  • This winder is very stable.


  • It adds drags.
  • This is somewhat tight.
  • Base spins around to move all around.

5. Daily mail bobbin winder:

Product information

  • Brand: Evernice
  • Fit Pfaff size: 6 mm

 This is very nice and compatible to use. Users can also use it very nicely. This is so good item for sewing lovers. Umbrella patterns yarn swift ball winder is a great tool. Knit lovers can love it for knitting properly. Not only knitting this is so good for crocheting too. The clamp-on base allows it to stay fixed at the edge of tables, chairs or any of the easiest locations too. This is very convenient to use. This winder helps to make winding the wool and so on. This creates many other strings into balls in the easiest way. This winder is very helpful to use with two items together. This good-looking winder has high quality.


  • This winder has a unique look.
  • This is so flexible for beginners.
  • This has lightweight.
  • Easy installation process.


  • This has a slight measurement error.
  • There is no color variation.

6. Automatic shut bobbin winder

Product information

  • Brand: Evernice
  • Item Weight: 2.05 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 18.1 x 15.1 x 2.8 inches

 This can be your best bobbin winder collection. This is very easy to handle. This is one of the favorite collections for yarn lovers. This has an automatic turn-off system. when the bobbin is full. It automatically shut down. It has fitted type M, type L, type 15 bobbins with a 1/4 inch (6mm ) center hole. If the hole diameter of either side is less than 6mm or larger than 6mm, then this bobbin winder will not suitable. 


  • This has an automatic shut-off system.
  • There are many types of fit is available for the winder.
  • Simplicity deluxe sidewinder portable bobbin winder.


  • The thread stand is not available.
  • There is no assembly direction.

7. Super sewing supply for the bobbin 

Product information

  • Best Sellers Rank: #1,184,064 in Arts, Crafts & Sewing

There are many types of bobbin winders are in the market. Not every bobbin pin is good enough. It varies on its features. This can be a great one for the user. This is a very high-quality sewing bobbin winder. This has excellent durability.


  • Flexible.
  • This works very fast.
  • This will complete the project within the desired time.


  • This has little weight.

8. Super sewing supplies Bernina 910:

Product information

  • Guenette: 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee

This bobbin winder comes from the USA. This is a very good branded product. Users can gift it to any of their knit lover friends. All orders are carefully packaged for the user. However, they come from the USA or somewhere else. and shipped either using the United States Postal. This is a compact package. Inside this, there is everything that a sewing lover is looking for. This winder machine is providing for nice fitting.


  • This winder provides a nice fit for the user’s machine.
  • This winder works so fast.
  • This bobbin winder provides a good finish.


  • An automatic shut down system is not applicable.
  • This is a weighty winder.

9. LNKA automatic bobbin winder 

Product information

  • Brand: LNKA
  • Item Weight: 12.9 ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 6.65 x 2.64 x 1.81 inches

This has super quality. This is a very nice winder for beginners also. Bobbin winder helps the beginner to wind through the thread. This winder helps the user to complete their project easily. This is an automatic bobbin winder. It has large size bobbins. This is a heavy-duty bobbin winder. Which user can set on a table. This machine saves a lot of time when the user initiates using it. A user needs this winder to finish his project quickly. This winder runs on standard AC power (220 Volt). Which is very convenient for the winder. This winder also has a start/stop button. The light indicator helps the user to use it properly. The automatic shut-off system gets active when the bobbin is full. This winder fits bobbins up to 1-1/2″ diameter. Which is very good for the knit lovers. It has a center hole standard size is about 1/4″.


  • This winder runs at standard ac voltage.
  • This has an automatic shut-off system.
  • This also has a light indicator.
  • It fills the bobbin to the max.


  • Sometimes bobbin breaks while using it.
  • Inside the box, there is no instruction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why bobbin winder is needed for sewing lover people?

A: Sewing is an art. This makes an excellent design for the cloth. Sewing lovers have a big creative mind. They want to do various kinds of design not only for themselves but also for others. A user should use a winder because this has super durability. This winder can use for practical usage too. The amazing part of this product is- it saves a lot of manpower. This is very convenient for sewing purposes.

Q. Why winder is very much convenient for sewing lovers or beginners?

A:  Bobbin winder makes sewing work very easy and super convenient. This is an automation process. This is a super manpower-saving process. It has an excellent install and maintenance option. It saves time for the user. User can finish their project very easily. That is why yarn lovers use this type of bobbin winder. They like it very much.

Q. Can you say what is bobbin winder?

A: This is a machine that is used for winding thread or yarn. It is being used upon a bobbin. Not only bobbin sometimes with the spool, or shuttle. This winder can form in winding any desired shape or design which is great for yarn lovers.

Q. A user need a bobbin winder or not?

A: Undoubtedly winder helps a lot because this is a time-saving tool. Sewing lovers can sew their yarn with the very fastest time. However, bobbin winders are portable or built-in. Both are very useful to wind thread smoothly around a bobbin. Also, both can come with thread guides and these items have good thread cutters.

Q. Why some user complains about their bobbin winder is not working?

A: There are many reasons like the machine fault. Apart from that, there is another reason that the rubber ring has a worn edge which is problematic. If the edge of the rubber ring is worn, in this case, the bobbin winder will not work properly. This problem goes when a user increases the diameter of the rubber. Then the ring can be used as a common sewing thread. Users can see many of the YouTube videos to get proper instruction. Those are very helpful when the user will repair the bobbin winder. However, they have on the old models sewing machine.

Q. Why users use bobbin in their sewing machine?

A: Users can use bobbin to their sewing machine too. Together, two threads can create the stitching. The bobbin helps to hold thread for a sewing machine. When the bobbin holds thread user can sew very smoothly. The bobbin feeds the thread. This is how a user gets a smooth stitch.

Q. What a user can use instead of bobbin?

A: There are many types of techniques for sewing lovers. Also, there are many types of machines that sew without a bobbin. These machines are considered sergers, overlockers. As well as chain stitch machines.

Q. Can a user wind by using with his hand?

A: Yes this is possible. If a user uses thick yarn or thread, then this is not a tough thing for him to do by hand. However, if the user wants to use a fine yarn or thread, then they can do it by hand. But this is not as easy as a winder/.

Q. Where usually bobbin winder stays on a sewing machine?

A: Most of the sewing machines look almost the same. Usually, the tension disc stays over on the left top side of the machine and bobbin winder stays on the right. It stays with the spool pin. This is how a bobbin winder stays on a sewing machine. This winder is a very helpful item for sewing lovers.

Q. What is a bobbin winder spindle?

A: Winder spindle holds the bobbin. Since the spindle holds the thread so it wounds from the thread spool to the bobbin. Bobbin winder helps to guide the thread. It guides the thread to fill the bobbin very smoothly and evenly.

Q. Can a user manually thread a bobbin?

A: Sewing gathers or darts. Users can draw up the lower thread by hand. so that some thread will be leftover. This is very helpful for the user. Before drawing up the lower thread, the user should put the bobbin back in. Users can easily pass the thread along the slit. So a user can manually thread a bobbin.

Q. How a user can spin bobbin thread?

A: This is simple and easy by placing a spool of thread on the spool pin. The user passes the thread to the end, from inside, through the small hole in the rim. The user also can place the bobbin onto the pin. Users can also hold the thread to the end. Users can easily step on the speed controller. So that winder can run the machine until the desired amount. Users can easily trim thread up to its ends from the top of the bobbin.

Q. What do you think singer and Janome bobbin are they same?

A: There is no brand of machine that uses one type of bobbin type. They are model specific, and many brands can use the same category of bobbins winder. All types of winders are using largely. But yes for some specific features users can make comparisons between some brands.

Q. Can a user sew without a bobbin?

A: A user can not sew without a bobbin, this is a very essential item for sewing lovers. Hence the winder requires two types of spool. So that winder can perform nicely. A user will need to add the bobbin thread to the needle so that he can use it very perfectly.

Q. Why does sometimes bobbin gets stuck?

A: This is a  very common problem of the winder. This may happen if the top thread tension is too tight. Another time this happens when the bobbin thread is not in the bobbin case tension. A user should also notice the bobbin is correctly seated or not. And the user should also check that the upper thread tension is not set too tightly.

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