Best Manual & Electric Yarn Ball Winder Reviews-2024

Best Yarn Ball Winder Reviews

Do you want to gift something interesting to our yarn lover friends? So that his yarn works will be great. Yes, you can surprise him with a super yarn ball winder. You can’t imagine that your stash has never looked so neat. You are winding yarn into clean and organized yarn cakes in various colors.

Many types of yarn winder balls are available in the market. Those are user-friendly. A hand-operated winder creates center-pull yarn cakes from balls. Twisted yarn will be phased out for knitters. It can clamp to a variety of surfaces. These balls are made of durable materials and are very easy to use. They have a solo performance.

The yarn cake created by a wool winder does not move around like a spherical hand-wound ball of yarn. Thus it can be knit or crocheted from the center of the cake, called a center pull. They prevent it from becoming tangled as it might if knitting directly from a hand-wound ball or skein. So choosing the best yarn ball is a wise decision for a yarn lover.

How to choose the best yarn ball winder?

When choosing the best yarn ball winder, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

First, consider the size of the winder. Some winders can accommodate a range of different yarn sizes, so you’ll want to choose one that can accommodate the yarn you typically use.

Next, think about the speed of the winder. Some winders are faster than others, so if you like to work quickly, you’ll want to choose a quicker winder.

Finally, consider the construction of the winder. Some winders are made from durable materials, so if you’re hard on your equipment, you’ll want to choose a winder built to last. 

How does a yarn ball winder work?

Winders are devices that wind yarn into a center-pull ball. Winder has a center spool that carries the yarn and clamps onto the tabletop. The yarn is threaded through one or more yarn guides, which place the yarn in the correct position for rolling onto the spool. Slowly start turning the yarn winder’s handle.

A yarn winder is worth it or not?

There are different opinions about the importance of winders. The yarn pulls much better using a yarn cake made from a winder. You won’t have to stop removing more yarn. Thus from your ball or deal with yarn barf caused by a tight center pull. This means your stress hand, your non-dominant hand, would typically be less tired. So, I think it is worth it.

Let’s look at what type of sweet and good yarn winders balls are available in the market.

1. Knitters pride natural series yarn ball winder:

Super cool yarn ball winders for beginners. Exceptionally, it is well-crafted by hand. Natural birch wood was used to create this piece. It wounds up to 450 grams of fingering-weight yarn at a time. It can be up to 450g of fingering-weight yarn. On the spool side, an anti-friction bearing allows for free rotation. This is a gorgeous winder.

The use of high-quality bearings guarantees super-smooth yarn winding. Another thing is the winder is stopped from slipping and scratching the table with anti-skid rubber pads. You will like this one a lot. One Super Wool winder is included in this 18.5x10x6 inch kit.


  • Beautifully designed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Best price, affordable.
  • Excellent quick function it has.


  • Longevity is not up to the mark.

2. Lacis jumbo yarn ball winder:

Do you want something unique for your yard work? Are you looking for the best yarn ball winder? This is just what you will need. Suppose you had previously purchased another winder from a local store. You may end up covering the cone with a recycled toilet paper roll. This is frustrating for the user. And it has smaller quantities of yarn with the back-and-forth motion. This is expected of every winder lover. This winder will make you happy with this yarn diagonally.

Users can decide to look for any winder of their choice. This one can be the best winder for them. The kit includes one jumbo yarn ball winder, including the winder body, cone, yarn guide, yarn guide mount, two swing arms, and instructions—clamps to a table for easy use. Imports from the United States are a very convenient item for the user.


  • Very fast.
  • Yarns so quickly and smoothly.
  • Convenient to use.


  • Make a small knot.
  • Winds slowly sometimes.
  • Wind too tightly.

3. Nagina international yarn ball winder:

This has an excellent look that users will love. Absolutely at a longer length (91cm). The diameter of the foundation is 11cm. It weighs approximately 899 grams (2 Lbs). You will be able to hold yourself away from it. It is both practical and beautiful. And you would love to make yarn balls with it. Swift has four paws, each expanding, and contracting to the desired size. The swift’s torso rotates effortlessly.

It will allow you to wind your linens and yarn threads to make a lovely loose ball of your desired size. Continue your quest for more impressive knitting supplies and crafts. And other pieces at Nagina International. Knitting needles, crochet hooks, nostepinne, and other products are available.

Wooden umbrella yarn swift made from quality rosewood and maple. This is an impressive piece of arts and crafts with precision and high-quality materials. Knitters and crocheters will find this to be an invaluable tool. Many yarn swifts come with a clamp that you can stick to any table corner and wind the ball, so you don’t have to look for one.


  • Works very smoothly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Looks so cute.
  • Winds fast.


  • Tension is loose.
  • Sometimes unscrew the winder.
  • It catches the same spot.

4. Star India craft yarn ball winder:

Love to do yarn with suitable winders? Then yes, you are probably in search of some suitable yarn winders. Here is the best yarn ball winder for you. Many yarn swifts come with a clamp that allows you to tie it to any table corner and get the job done. But you don’t have to find a corner to wind the ball.

It’s more of a plug-and-play affair. So it allows you to wind anywhere. The way you want it anytime with a heavy base will make it a lovely tabletop yarn swift. This is standing at the height of 41 centimeters (CM). The duration of Length is 16 cm. which is wholly extended by 91 cm. The diameter of the foundation is 11 cm.


  • Superfast winds.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Made off of good wood, it has an excellent finish.


  • The black band is not tight.
  • The holder is loose.
  • No friction to spin.

5. Daily mail yarn swift yarn ball winder:

This umbrella swift ball winder is a beautiful super knitting and crochet tool. A string winder, such as this one, is fantastic for knitting. This item is 100% brand new and of excellent quality. Because of its superior winding efficiency, the consumer will adore it. It can be safely positioned at the table’s edge and on benches.

Alternatively, any other relaxed position is decided by the user. It has a lovely outlook or eye-catchy—super attractive winder, which users will love most.


  • Beautiful outlook.
  • Easy to use.
  • It has lightweight and easy to move.


  • An instruction manual is only one page. Not enough information is given.
  • Instruction is not provided ideally.

6. Wooden Yarn Ball Winder Hand Operated

A yarn winder ball will ease your effort if you select a good quality yarn winder ball. This will help you endlessly to complete your project. There are many winder balls on the market, but you can select this one as the best winder ball because this works very fast. It Winds so smoothly.

You will get an excellent finish to your project. This is very simple to assemble without tools. This has an easy-grip base. It has double acceleration gear, is easy to use, and is three times faster.


  • Superfast winder.
  • It has a grip base.
  • Very convenient for the beginner.


  • Challenging for the beginner to use initially.
  • It takes little space.

7. Yarn ball winder:

Are you looking for a great winder? Then this site is for you. You can winder in less than a minute. The yarn winder and yarn swift can be set up and taken down. Both things quickly stick to any table edge or surface up to 1 3/4 inches thick. Users can use this winder very smoothly.

This will be the perfect match if you are new to knitting and winding. The most aggravating element of the knitting process is a suitable winder. This collection has made the winding process quicker and more straightforward and will encourage you to wind all the hanks you acquire. This spinning yarn can bring a pleasurable experience to the user. And you can enjoy how well-organized it would be to serve cakes instead of hanks or skeins.


  • Works very fast.
  • Excellent speed.
  • Convenient for beginners.


  • Swift may not be so perfect.
  • The yarn has sometimes fallen apart.

8. Intaz yarn winder:

This is a very well-known yarn winder in the marketplace. Very nice for its excellent performance. This winder has anti-friction bearings on the spool side for free rotation and super smooth winding. As well as anti-skid rubber pads to keep it from slipping or scraping your table. Up to 450g of fingering-weight yarn can be wound.

This is from India, and it arrived promptly. It’s beautifully wrapped and helps to put it together by working perfectly efficiently. You will adore the wood, and it’s beautifully made. It’s also hushed. This is made with significant consideration. This is the best yarn winder you will love to experience.


  • Excellently made.
  • It has the most pleasing shape with nice wood.


  • Doesn’t wind consistently.
  • The winds are a little slow.

9. Hand-operated yarn ball winder:

If you get close to the end of the skein without winding it first, there is a fair chance you will have some yarn barf. Is that correct? It’s funny. When you should be crocheting, don’t waste time untangling yarn. Continue to explore internationally for more related products. You will be happy while using this winder. Grab one when you can, as knitters and crocheters are in high demand.

Before working with your yarn, use a ball winder to test it for knots or weak points. It will allow you to fix them before you start. It is less likely to tangle when you wind your yarn before using it than if you pull it straight from the skein.

This center-pull yarn winder is made of beech wood and is robust and stable. It is manually controlled and features a revolving disk that rotates the winder and collects the wool into a ball. Nagina international developed the concept and produced the final product.


  • It has a center-pull yarn system in it.
  • Very advanced concept for winder lovers.
  • Nice revolving disk.


  • Gear problem.
  • Only one clamp.
  • The winding direction is not clear.

10. Stanwood yarn winder:

You can enjoy this nice yarn winder. This yarn swift is exceptionally well-made. To make your yarn swifts less prone to breakage and more aesthetically pleasing. You can easily avoid wood bits with scars or blemishes. This has metal-binding wires’ ends hidden in holes.

So they won’t harm the hands or the yarn. It has a yarn swift of medium scale. It’s made of solid wood and sanded to an excellent finish. It also doesn’t emit any toxic varnish fumes. The medium size can handle skeins with a diameter of up to 6 feet.

It spins smoothly and makes spinning yarn a pleasurable experience. Also, it can be securely placed at the edges of tables, seats, benches, or any other comfortable position. You will thank the clamp-on foundation. It can handle edges up to 1 3/4 inches thick.


  • This has excellent speed.
  • It has a lovely outlook.
  • This has an excellent performance.


  • It doesn’t have a metal clamp.
  • This is often slow.

11. Dalaman yarn winder:

This can wind delicate wool, lace, mohair, and other fine threads. A ball yarn winder is simple to set up on a table or desk. This knitting yarn winder can easily organize your knitting and crocheting supplies.

Users can use a compact and quiet design, ideal for use in the home. There is no need for electricity. You can easily wind your yarn into balls by simply turning the crank.


  • It keeps little space.
  • Super fast delivery of the project.


  • This is a little slow.
  • Sometimes yarn has fallen apart.

12. Simplicity of the winder for yarn ball:

The spools that come with it can wrap and store all the bias you’ll be making. This can easily fit your projects in a breeze. The machine runs smoothly and efficiently, and you can order a few more spools to go with it to store various colors and sizes of bias tape.

Indeed, this winder outperformed the bias tape unit. It is a huge help to wrap up bias tape for quilt binding. Because you have arthritic hands, you can have a good investment and a high-quality unit, while some choose to roll by hand. It is simple to put together, run, and manage.


  • This has an exact size that is convenient for the user.
  • High-speed winds.


  • It doesn’t have good power.
  • This is robust, which some users don’t like.

Yarn or crochet is skillful creativity that will enhance your skill. This is a bit challenging for beginners. Still, you can enjoy this thing a lot if you have suitable materials. Then you will also love and enjoy crocheting. For that purpose, if you can manage a convenient yarn winder. Your task will be super easy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Can you name some best yarn ball winders?

There are many types of winder balls on the market. These are very good and well-functional, but some are still very great. These are Jumbo yarn ball winders, Butuze yarn ball winders, Stanwood yarn winders, and so on. These have super functions. Users love them very much.

Q. Do you need to be swift while winding?

Yarn swift isn’t necessary when winding a center. However, that can pull the skein into a ball if your yarn comes in a hank. And yes, you will need to use a ball winder and a swift. Remember one more thing this will keep the yarn’s end out from the inside of the ball, allowing you to pull from the center later.

Q. Should you roll a skien?

It depends on the knitter’s lover. For comfort, many knitters roll their yarn from a skein or hank into a ball. It’s simple to prevent your yarn from tangling while you knit by rolling. Skeins have lost shape due to the lack of yarn in a ball.

Q. How do you wind a ball?

This is not hard. The great practice may help you. This is very easy to wind yarn into a ball by hand. It would be best if you began by wrapping it around two or three fingers. Repeat 10–12 times more, then gently slip the yarn off your fingertips.

Q. How does antique winder work can you say?

There are many types of options for the user. An antique yarn winder works by generating loops. This works with a 72-inch circumference. To make a hank, or as it is known back then, a bundle, the yarn winder turns around 40 times. When it is finished, the person operating it twists or knots the yarn to keep it together.

Q. What does a yarn ball generally called?

Many types of skein, like a ball, are standard terms. Since many people refer to the twisted yarn braid as a skein, you can use it as a legal synonym for twisted hank. It may also apply to a machine-made ball that isn’t always round.

Q. What is yarn hank?

This is a common question for the user. A hank is a coiled or wrapped section of yarn that twines in the textile industry. As opposed to other materials such as thread or cord. As well as different types such as ball, cone, and bobbin cylinder-like structures. This type of spool, and so on. Therefore, depending on the type of content and the producer, many hanks are available and come in different lengths.

Q. Why is yarn not sold in the ball?

The fundamental explanation is that yarn flies much more efficiently in Hank. Balls that are wounded tend to snag, break apart, and tangle into twisted knots. The tension on the fiber is created when the yarn is woven. This is good for a moment, but the thread will stretch if left that way for too long.

Q. What do you think you can knit straight?

This is the thing that you should know. You can knit directly from a skein to wind a yarn ball by hand without using a swift or a ball winder. The only difference is how the skein is wound up during knitting sessions.

Q. Why often does yarn unravel?

Your yarn is susceptible to splitting. Since you’re operating against the yarn’s twisted course, you’re essentially untwisting it by interacting with its opposite end. To avoid breaking the yarn, function in the same direction as the winding direction. So you have to be careful while you will use it.

Q. How do you get yarn in the middle?

You have to stick your thumbs and index fingers inside the skein cavity. And try to feel for a clump of yarn right in the middle. The yarn end in the middle is also known as the core pull. Thus you can grasp it with one hand and pull it free from the skein.

Q. Can you say what worsted four means?

Yarns are a term used widely in North America. Their descriptive titles, such as worsted yarn, rather than reflect this. Worsted yarn with the number four is known as medium weight. This process uses four yarns with a knitting gauge of 16-20 stitches per four inches.

Q. How do you wind yarn from both ends?

It depends a little on the experience. Wind a ball and stop when it’s half the weight of your original skein. Users can also break the yarn and wind the remaining skein into the second ball. This is not that hard. Then knit together the ends of each ball.

Q. Can you knit from a hank of yarn?

That isn’t the case for hanks of knitting yarn. A bundle of yarn is simply a large loop of yarn. If you buy a hank of yarn, it’s usually twisted into a pretzel-like shape so that it can be delivered more quickly. You can’t knit with it as it is right now.

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