Best Sewing Machine for Monogramming, Quilting or Applique Reviews

Sewing lovers love to sew all day long. This is their addiction. They love to create what they need. They often monogram towels, clothing, blankets, whatever they want. Also, they like to sew personal items. For various purposes, sewing users need a good sewing machine. They have a passion so, they can do monograms, and this is not a tough task. This is very easy and fun-loving work.

Users can do monograms in various unique ways. By hand with a needle and by incorporating thread. There are many monogram types, but the user prefers machine embroider monograms rather than hand embroider. It takes less time. So for a sewing lover who does monogramming, a sewing machine is a useful item. There are many items based on the customer’s choice. Also, it has varieties of options.

What is the best monogram machine for beginner users?

There are many machines in the market. That machine has excellent uncommon features. Among all of them, some machines are exceptional. These are Brother LB6800PRW, singer Futura XL, brother PE525, Janome memory craft 400E, ever sewn charlotte, and so on. These machines are very user-friendly.

Embroidery and monogram are the same?

Embroidery and monogramming both are prevalent features for sewing lovers. They are often used interchangeably. And sewing lovers use both very widely. But, they do not have the same purpose. A user wants either embroidery or monogramming. This depends on his choice. These both don’t serve the same purposes.

How much does a monogramming machine cost?

It depends on the feature. There are various types of machines. Mid-range monogram machines cost  50 to 100. Depends on its built-in patterns. And those machines have 5” x 7” workspace costs near about $400 to $600. High-end monogram machines starting price 100 to 300. This machine has excellent performance. Those machines have 8” x 12” workspace costs around $600 to $1,000. Multi-needle monogram machines usually cost around $2,000 to $7,000.

There are many sewing machines on the market, but some are eye-catching, which users love most. Let us have a look at them.

1. Singer quantum stylist monogramming sewing machine:

This is one of the best sewing machines over time. Users love this item a lot. Because it has outstanding performance, this has a high-speed performance. The SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine has a breakneck swing speed.

By using this machine, 850 stitches per minute a user can do, which is just incredible. Projects can be sewn very, very fast, which a user can not even think of. This machine is just a super cool item for sewing lovers. It has different kinds of presser feet.

All-purpose foot, zipper foot are available for the user. The buttonhole foot is also available for the user. They can use it with an under the plate, button sewing foot, and so on. This is also very flexible for an open-toe foot system. This machine serves 110 volts. Overall it has super performance. The SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 is a computerized machine. This machine has a portable system. This machine has loads of ease-of-use features, which is just excellent for sewing machine lovers.

Moreover, This machine will allow the user to fulfill his creative thoughts. Not only that, but this machine also has a large selection of stitches. Users can attempt any type of stitches, such as basic, stretch, and decorative stitches. They can also enjoy fashion sewing, quilting, home décor, and so on. They can enjoy crafting easily. Also, they can do customization features.

It has an automatic needle feature, which is also very excellent for yarn lovers. Threading the machine is so simple that the user can have his desired stitches. In seconds he can have his preferred stitches.


  • Superfast machine
  • Very good for fashionable stitches, crafting, and so on.
  • It has an automatic needle.


  • The handwheel becomes hard to turn sometimes.
  • Some user says the machine becomes loud and creepy.
  • The thread guide is not so good.

2. Brother 150 stitch monogramming machine:

This is a perfect choice for monogramming sewing. This is a user-friendly machine. Users can very easily operate this machine.

This machine has 1 font with 55 alphanumeric stitches. Any stitches can be done, however, for basic monogramming or advanced stitching. It has a wide table to help support quilts and larger types of tasks. It has a backlit LCD; This machine has push-button controls to adjust the stitch easily.

It can easily adjust the length and width. This machine can perform 10 sewing & quilting feet. This nice machine can deliver spring action zigzag, monogramming, overcasting, and so on. This machine can also complete zipper, blind stitch, button sewing, etc., items.

It has a buttonhole. This machine can deliver 150 built-in sewing stitches. This machine can offer beautiful decorative, satin, and quilting stitches. Moreover, his machine can perform 8 styles of 1-step auto-size buttonholes. This sewing machine is applicable for quilting stitches, including stippling stitches, hand-look quilting stitches, joining stitches, etc.


  • This sewing machine is super fast.
  • This has 150 built-in stitch facilities.
  • This has described accessories.
  • Users can do customized stitches.


  • The foot pedal quality is not good enough.
  • Lettering settings are off.
  • Product support is not good according to the customer’s opinion.

3. Brother ST150HDH monogramming sewing machine:

This machine is one of the best quality sewing machines for sewing lovers. It offers 50 unique built-in stitches, which is excellent for beginners as well. The ST150HDH features are very exclusive. It serves utility and decorative stitches. This machine has 5 auto-size buttonholes, which makes stitching very easy. This has advanced needle threaded. This machine also has a drop-in top bobbin. This sewing machine carries an advanced needle threading function.

Users can easily push the thread through the needle. All he needs is a simple effort. It has all types of accessories. The STH150HDH is a heavy-duty sewing machine, which comes with 9 sewing feet. This machine also has a set of heavyweight sewing needles.

Users can understand every feature very clearly because it has a clear instruction manual and more. This machine also has LCD Screen; the User can see his stitch pattern, stitch size, and recommended sewing foot on the LCD.


  • This is a heavy-duty machine.
  • This is a super-fast machine.
  • It has excellent new features.
  • It has very nice automated needles.


  • Sometimes it didn’t sew well for lightweight fabrics.
  • According to some users’ statements, sometimes this machine refuses to sew.
  • Beginners face little difficulty while they use it initially.

4. Brother HC1850 monogramming sewing machine:

This monogramming sewing machine has some excellent features. This is very convenient for the users. The HC1850 quilting and sewing machine has a wide table, which is about 8 feet. It also has an instructional DVD, manual, and more for beginners. It has a good LCD screen.

The user can easily select their desired stitches. This is as simple as he wants. Only with the touch of a button, user can see what’s going on the LCD. The HC1850 quilting and sewing machine comes with Brother, which is a famous brand.

It has excellent service. This machine will provide to its user 185 stitches. The HC1850 also has 130 sewing stitches, including 8 styles. This machine has auto-size buttonholes. 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches. This monogramming sewing machine has advanced needle threaded. This has the fastest delivery to the user. They can complete their project within a short time.


  • Users can do heavy sewing with this machine.
  • It has an advanced needle.
  • Fastest delivery.


  • Bobbin’s case sometimes remains off.
  • Lower feed materials are not so okay.

5. Singer 4423 monogramming sewing machine:

This is a super cool sewing machine for the users. This is also a high-speed machine. This Machine provides a maximum sewing speed of up to 1 100 stitches per minute. User can accomplish their task quickly. This sewing machine has a 60% stronger motor, which provides greater piercing power. So that users can thick seams, users love this feature mostly.

This machine has a heavy-duty metal frame. Not only that, the Singer 4423 heavy-duty sewing machine is a great collection for sewing lovers. It has stainless steel bed frame. This machine also has an extra-high sewing speed. It also has a potent motor. This machine can sew many kinds of heavyweight fabrics.

Also, this machine provides long-lasting stability, which users want desperately. It combines various accessories, such as a foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, quilting guide, needles, bobbins, etc. A soft-sided dust cover is also there with the set.


  • Low noise level.
  • It sews very fast.
  • It can deal with any type of fabric.


  • All threads bunch up according to some user’s experience.
  • Needles break sometimes.

6. Brother Xm2701 monogramming sewing machine:

This is a good monogramming sewing machine. Its outlook is also very nice. It has a nice violet fabric look on its upper surface. The XM2701 has come up with 6 sewing feet, which is an amazing feature of it.

It has a 3-piece needle set, along with a twin needle, 4 bobbins set. Users will also get an instructional DVD, manual and more. This sewing machine has a versatile free-arm option. This free-arm machine is perfect for a wide range Users can complete their everyday sewing projects. They can finish his everyday task so nicely.

This machine offers 27 Unique built-in stitches, which are very convenient for the user. The XM2701 also has 27 built-in stitches. This machine also offers decorative blind hem, zigzag any many more options of stitching. This machine also has an automatic needle threader.


  • This machine is super fast.
  • Users can do any kind of stitch.
  • Great machine for beginners.


  • It has tension problems from the beginning according to the users’ experience.
  • LCD is so dim.
  • The plastic bobbin cover is poorly designed.
  • Upper threading doesn’t work well.

7. Brother 165 built-in stitch monogramming sewing machine:

This machine also has excellent performance. This machine offers 165 unique built-in stitches. The Brother XR9550 is a computerized machine. This machine also has110 built-in utility.

The user will get decorative and heirloom stitches. The way they want. This nice monogramming machine will also give 8 styles of auto-size buttonholes, along with plus 55 sewing stitches. This machine has an automatic needle thread. This nice sewing machine also has a drop-in top bobbin.

Sewing lovers can complete their tasks the way they want. They love this machine very much. It has a protective hardcover, along with a large table. This machine also has 8 sewing and quilting feet; the user will also get an instructional DVD and more. This machine has a nice LCD screen. Users can experience this LCD so that they can easily choose their stitches. They can select their desired setting.


  • This machine has an automatic needle.,
  • This machine runs very fast.
  • This is so good for beginners.


  • Accessories are loose.
  • The needle is not strong enough. It breaks sometimes.

8. Brother XR9550PRW monogramming sewing machine:

This monogramming machine is best for sewing lovers. Because this is very easy to operate, this machine has a protective hardcover and a wide table, 8 sewing feet.

Also, for beginners, this machine has an instructional DVD and more things. So that they can easily operate the machine, it has an LCD Screen. The LCD allows the user to choose his stitches easily. They can also change the settings. He can do it very easily, just with a simple push. This has 165 unique built-in stitches functions.

The Brother XR9550PRW machine also has 110 built-in utilities for the user. This machine also serves decorative and heirloom stitches. It also has 8 styles of auto-size buttonholes. This is a super-fast machine along with plus 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches. This machine has an automatic needle-threaded system. Users will love drop-in top bobbin.


  • It has automatic needles.
  • 110 built-in utility this machine serves.
  • This machine works super fast.
  • Users can use it without a foot pedal.


  • The self-threading needle is difficult to see.
  • The user can not use a magnifying glass.
  • This machine doesn’t work well for plush fabric.

9. Singer heavy-duty 4432 monogramming sewing machine:

These days, sewing lovers want something unique. They also want a machine which offers almost every feature. So this machine will satisfy them. This machine has great stability.

This machine provides long-lasting durability. This is a reverse stitch sewing machine. The SINGER 4432 is a heavy-duty sewing machine, which has a built-in reverse lever. Users can experience reverse features too.

This machine serves zipper, buttonhole, lint brush, bobbins, screwdriver, auxiliary spool, power cord, foot controller, and so on. Users will also get a quick start guide, which will help them a lot. This machine serves 110 Stitch applications. This machine requires a 110V machine.

This monogramming machine serves all-purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, and many different categorized features, such as button sewing foot, lint brush, and so on. This machine also has a soft-sided dust cover.


  • This machine serves a reverse function, too, for stitching.
  • It has a clear bobbin window.
  • It has great durability, and it doesn’t have noise.


  • The system doesn’t reset after the competition of the stitch.
  • The speed regulation is sometimes slow.

10. Brother PQ1500SL monogramming sewing machine:

This machine is a unique one. This has super cool features for yarn lovers. PQ1500SL sewing and quilting machine has a large table. This nice machine also has 7 sewing feet; It also has a knee-lifter.

The user will also get an instruction manual for detailed information. The removable knee-lifter helps the sewing user to lift his presser foot. He can use it with his knee. So this is very simple.

Users can make both hands free for fabric handling, which is very useful for the user. This machine has an uncommon feature that is a precision pin system. This is very easy to sew a wide range of fabrics. However, the fabric is very thick. Users can sew up to 1,500 Stitches within one incredible minute. Users can sew at max sewing speed. This fastest sewing speed is amazing, which is surprising for the users.

This machine also has a good feature in that it has an advanced needle threading system. This sewing machine contains an automatic needle threaded. This machine has another good feature, and that is a jam-resistant option.


  • This machine has an automatic threaded system.
  • This machine is super fast.
  • Within one minute, it gives 1500 stitches.


  • Changing the foot needs a screwdriver.
  • Small bobbins do not fit the top thread spool.

11. Janome 3160QDC monogramming sewing machine:

This is a super-fast sewing machine for sewing lovers. This machine has 60 built-In sewing stitches. It also has 6 Built-In buttonholes. This machine also has a built-In automatic needle. Very easy and convenient to change the bobbin.

This machine has handy function buttons. The thread cutter button can easily cut the top and bottom threads. This machine also has a reverse stitch button. That will make the machine sew for reverse stitching purposes. It also has a lock stitch button. A user doesn’t need to end up with a half-stitch pattern. This is very easy for beginners.

They can also easily do stitches. This machine has an incredible amount of things. Such as hardcover, extension table. This machine also has an open-toe. Even Feed Foot, Open-Toe Darning Foot. This machine has an automatic buttonhole “R” Sewing foot along with an assorted needle set and so on.


  • This machine has an automatic buttonhole, which makes stitching very easy.
  • Super fast delivery.
  • It handles heavier fabric too.
  • Walking on foot is an excellent feature.


  • It’s slightly louder.
  • The hole is so small to thread a needle.

12. Zuki HZL monogramming sewing machine:

This can be the best monogramming sewing machine for the user. This sews very fast. It has good durability. This sewing machine has very nice stability. It has an automatic needle. This machine can handle both light and heavy fabric. Users love this item a lot.


  • This machine is super fast.
  • It has great durability.
  • Long-lasting machine.


  • It has little sound.
  • Bobbin pin is comparatively small.

Buying Guide

Q. Can a monogram user work with a regular sewing machine?

Regular sewing machines and monogramming machines don’t have the same purposes. But still, monogramming with a regular sewing machine is possible. Therefore, it’s more efficient and easy to do it. Suppose a user has a specialized embroidery machine. Then he can simply complete all his tasks. So the user needs an efficient machine to complete his task. This is rather important than what he has.

Q. Is a sewing machine applicable for embroidery?

Yes. The user can do it; however, he has a sewing machine. The user doesn’t even need a fancy foot to complete this task. Embroidery on a regular sewing machine is possible. Users can easily do it. If the users’ machine works fine and has no error, they can easily do it.

Q. What machines are easiest for embroidery purposes?

There are many machines in the market. They have different types of prices. Different types of features. Brother PE800 machine, brother PE770, best large embroidery field, best portable machine, etc. These are perfect embroidery machines. This also has easy use functionality.

Q. What kind of machine does embroidery do?

Many different categorized machine serves different types of features—Janome Memory Craft 14000 Machine. Janome is a trendy brand. This is also a very famous brand. This Janome brand is a favorite industry brand. This has an excellent facility for crafting purposes too. This is the best embroidery sewing machine for quilting and embroidery also for crafting.

Q. Name some affordable embroidery machines?

Affordable price is the most important thing for sewing lovers. There are many brands and options for sewing lovers. But among all of the variations, brother SE600, brother PE540D, PE800, these have affordable prices.

Q. Why is an embroidery machine costly?

Sewing lovers can not imagine their project without an embroidery machine. Embroidery machines need to be able to do a lot of things. These types of machines come at a much higher price. Because this machine has super cool features. Expensive machines come with many more exciting new options and features. Some machine also has reverse function too. The price depends on the machine’s features.

Q. Can a user do embroidery with a circuit?

Circuitwashable fabric can aid users in starting embroidery projects. They can easily create their custom hoop design. Not only that, they can easily sew whatever they want.

Q. Why is this called a monogram?

The monogram is used to consider as a royal signature or seal and currency. This was used to mark the reign of a particular Roman and Greek ruler. This monogram term comes from the middle ages time. Artisans is a term who know a good thing when they can see it –then it began to use their monogram initials to personalize their work.

Q. How can a user start a monogram?

All the thing a user should incorporate is dedication. This is not a hard thing. The user has to invest in sewing; he should select a good niche and read many monogram etiquette. Also, he has to stock monogram-related supplies. The user should create a pricing structure. And lastly, the user has to target his market customer.

Q. Is the embroidery machine hard to use? What do you think?

Nothing is impossible for the learners. A user needs to learn how to use an embroidery machine. This is not a hard task. This task is relatively easy. Suppose a user has the dedication, then he can easily learn how to do the embroidery. And these things don’t need a huge time or a long time to learn.

Q. Can a user do embroidery without having a hoop?

Yes, it is possible to embroider without using a hoop. Hoopsgenerally helps to stabilize the work of embroidery. If a user can stabilize it using another method, then it will be easy for them. All they need is just how to maintain a decent level of tension on the fabric. That’s it. So they can easily use it. And this is not so hard.

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